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Plastic pipe/board equipment

Solar Thermal Insulation Pipe Production Line

Solar Thermal Insulation Pipe Production Line

Details :

In recent years, the solar water heater has been favored, as the national policy supports and many advantages, such as: low cost, green environmental characteristics. Solar water heater system is more and more wide application. Technical level and quality is improved and energy-saving effect is notable.

Our company devotes to research and development of solar thermal insulation pipe machine. Fill in the blank of the products in our country. The pipe is made of 3-layers material. Widely used for solar project, ground heating project, etc.

◆Inner layer is water pipe, material is PPR or PERT. It will not frozen broken under the freezing point.

◆Middle layer is foam insulation with many advantages. Such as: non-bibulous, no separation, good insulation performance.

◆ Third layer is for protection, with excellent endothermic and anti-aging performance. It can be used more than ten years outdoor.

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